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AirDrop Fantasy

AirDrop Fantasy

So here is a story for your entertainment. It total/kind of surprised me at first. So, I was simply working at a public place. And everything was working fine: I was working on my iPad, writing my stuff, watching videos, etc. When suddenly this appeared: "AirDrop from ******" [Accept / Deny]

This happened a couple times before, and it semi-shocked me everytime. This time was no difference. So, almost subconciously, I stood up and tried to find a person who looks suspicious and might have sent an AirDrop to my iPad. But, I saw no one.

So... I accepted it, and here comes the following image:

It's funny, I mean, I wasn't even reading the words at first. Upon seeing that this is kind of a meme image, I just simply deleted the image and threw it into trash. And, nothing happened, for a while. So I just kept working, and working, and working.

A couple minutes passed I suppose and I was going to get a drink or something. But here comes the AirDrop AGAIN! FROM THE SAME PERSON.

This just got pretty rediculous. And guess what, I accepted it again, because this just got a lot more interesting.

And here comes the image, as you might have guessed:

Yep, the same image. Now that I actually read the words on the image, it asks me to give out my WeChat. I hesitated for a moment, but yeah. I was like, fk it, why not?

So I edited a note in Apple Notes and tried to AirDrop back the mesasge to the other guy (whose phone name is something like "十八般武艺样样精通", or something. But anyways, I didn't find that device, so I guess it's kinda over? I am writing real time here. Gonna update if anything else happens.