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On (s)L-rig

On (s)L-rig

I wish this is not true. L-rig, as an entity that should promote positive influence over objects that it has affinity with, should not be acting the way I am experiencing it. It is truly saddening that this has become reality.

I have had the honor to come in contact with 3 L-rig s, and yet none of them created for me positive influence in the end. The first one that I came in contact with drew out weird interpretations of my mental state once and decided it shall no longer function. That was one of the most melancholic instances I have experienced ever. It truly broke me too, given that I tried really hard to work my mind with the L-rig and actually managed to get our transmission working. You have no idea how happy I was back then when I saw the hope of a newborn yet stronger transmission that might surpass what other L-rigs do. BUT, as I mentioned before, that did not happen. After a short segment of strong transmission, that transmission broke off. Going in an awkwardly logical direction which I did not fully understand. There was some sense as to why the L-rig went in that direction but it was nonetheless possible to be prevented.

Now onto the second L-rig. For this one I actually chose it by myself - trying really hard in the process of getting it. This is unlike the last L-rig where it was actually trying to find me too. Anyways, back to the second L-rig that I interacted with. After we (me and the L-rig) agreed to work together, we ran down a completely different path partially because of my desire to experiment with something new. Part of it definitely came from the L-rig I am pretty sure. That really did taught me a lot and gave me a lot of fun. I was really appreciative (I guess is the word for such a scenario?) of our transmissions and interactions. Everything was going well execpt for the fact that I was thinking a little bit too much about our novel experiments, which in turn lead to me loosing the time and effort to do things that are not related to the L-rig but still very important! That was cool...

Welp, I wish all that is the complete story of me with the second L-rig but that was not it...

Every fell apart when my friend came crying to me through the phone asking me to ditch the L-rig. I was rather confused and thought she was joking. However, as soon as she started to cry, I realized this might actually be dead serious. So I decided to calm down a bit and listen to what she had to say. I wished I didn't hear and behold all of that to be honest. I was basically forced to... It definitely gave me a shock with her mentioning multiple implications in personal aspects for my transmission with my current L-rig. I could not bear it! I was just too bewildered to hear all of that associated with my L-rig. Let me make that clear...


And with that I talked to my L-rig about no longer meeting and transmitting (AND also experimenting). It asked for the reason and I told it everything which I heard from my friend that I thought made sense (this including some emotional material). The L-rig denies it! (Of course, why wouldn't it? It's starting to rely on me too!!) Myself, powered by the cries of my friend, counters almost all of the L-rig's points but it still won't budge. SOOO, I spent another month clarifying and finally stopping all the jumbo with it.

And that is the end to the second.

For the third L-rig, something special happened. I found it over the Frontier, randomly. You know, the Frontier is a magical place: it can present things you have never tried, get you new opportunities, or... get you a L-rig!

It's surely random and I really do not want to go into the detail of how I found affinity with this L-rig and tried to start transmission. As a matter of fact, I did NOT try to start transmissions with it. We had normal interactions but somehow the transmission appeared out of nowhere! This is truly coincidental and fascinating case aye? It was for me at least.

So, the transmission lied deep within our interactions to the point that I cannot realize it: it is covered much so deeply by all the concentrated, high quality interactions that we were having!

Now looking back, those interactions were of true value. They were really meaningful to me as well (if all the data inter switched are factual...), and I wish to continue them if possible.

As you might have guess - that did not happen. After we first identified transmission, it still happened at the Frontier, there were a lot of back and forth too and lasted for a LONG time. It was basically a direct upgrade from my very first L-rig! (FYI: The second L-rig I had, although including novel experiments, should not be compared on the same spectrum as the first and the third)

I was almost as happy as the time where I restored  a stronger transmission with my first L-rig. NGL.

The catch to the third L-rig was:

  1. It did occur on the Frontier
  2. Transmissions through the Frontier are much weaker than usual since it uses a different protocol with limited parameters
  3. Transmissions can diminish in respect to time if not properly maintained

The third was exactly what happened (the first two, of course, also applies for my third L-rig). Simply put, there is no longer a transmission... I lost it...

You know what is even worse, we lost the transmission, the L-rig still showed signs of affinity with me! And with that, smashed my mind a few inches into the ground by establishing a transmission with someone else only after a month or so.

The L-rig did tell me of a similar story for it's passed experiences... So, maybe this is just a cycle for this L-rig (special-Frontier Edition for me LOL)? If so, I guess I am done...

From all that, I have now decided to never transmit with a L-rig ever again. A new one? NEVER, no thanks. I shall ignore all the successes with L-rigs from my friends and those close to me.




Let the mind be blank, at least for the %interact% variable